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Vijay's Job

I am a Vice President of Software Engineering at a company called WideOrbit in San Francisco. WideOrbit is the leading provider of business management software for media companies. Our software is used by many, many TV stations and Radio stations all over the world. It is an exciting space and a great company. I joined them only recently and I am getting up to speed pretty quickly on the products they have and also new products they are building now.

Before that I was the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Vendavo Corp, a company that focuses on an exciting new area called Price and Margin Management. I was at Vendavo from the start and worked there for over 10 years and helped them build their strong product and customer base. I left Vendavo in early 2011.

I specialize in Software Engineering management which I summarize as building and retaining high performance teams that build high quality software. Delivering high quality software on time, on budget with a robust architecture and good quality is one of the hardest challenges of this job. In addition to building Enterprise software applications, I have experience in eCommerce tools, building complex Web Sites and in the areas of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Databases, and Distributed Computing. I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara and an Electrical Engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras.

I strongly believe that all companies must continue to innovate strongly despite how big they are. I am a big fan of Apple right here in Silicon Valley and in my home town of Cupertino. Google was great also - in the early days :-)

Vijay's family and interests

I have a wonderful wife, Viji, a high school going son, Vineet and a middle school going daughter, Janani. Apart from magic, I love to play tennis, read and take pictures. I love photography and think the digital SLR is one of the best modern inventions. If you want to see some pictures of my family and some of the pictures I have taken, do visit my flickr account -

Call me at 408 252 6822 or send me an email at: