Vijay Indian Costume

Performance videos from my shows

I have recently added many short clips on YouTube. These tricks are new and not exactly what you see in my show but very similar. Enjoy and please leave feedback: Amazing Vijay on YouTube

This is a good introduction:

Here's the list of all magic tricks i have uploaded on YouTube:

  1. Opening Magic Tricks
  2. The One Eyed Jacks
  3. The Coin Matrix
  4. Star Wars Magic
  5. The Mysterious Red Spheres
  6. The Magic Competition
  7. Magic Dollar Bill
  8. Lie Detector

Below you can also see 3 short video clips from my actual magic shows. These shows were public shows in outdoor places and as you can see I am wearing my Indian magician costume. When I perform at private homes and retaurants, I wear a more traditional western costume or the Indian costume depending on the season and the party theme.




Please send me an email at if you have any comments about these videos.