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List of my iOS Apps available for iPhone/iPad

This is a simple magic trick you can do on your iPhone. It is sold for entertainment purposes only.

This trick can be a great ice breaker and it is a very simple magic trick you can do on your iPhone or iPad. 3 playing card images are shown on the screen. The cards are flipped face down by touch and someone is asked to tap one card and memorize it. They then flip it face down again and hand the phone back to you. You can immediately reveal the exact card they are thinking about. The 3 cards do not change on the screen. You can do this mind reading card trick many times and each time you can immediately guess which of the 3 cards they are thinking of.

Very simple to do - perfect for kids and adults to perform. I am expecting many of you who see my show to purchase this. Some of my magician friends will also hopefully purchase this and show it around. It is available for just $0.99 - I am sure it will make you smile many times. Here's the App Store link:

Need technical support?

Send me an email at if you have any questions about this app or how to use it.